Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Hughes!

Hughes is 4! I'm still in shock that my first born has been on this earth for 4 years! What did I do with myself before he came along?

You light up my day everyday. Although you can frustrate me to no end and make some pretty big messes, I think you're awesome! You love any kind of transportation vehicle (helicopters, cars, trucks, submarines, boats) and you're also really into puzzles right now. In fact, you can do almost any puzzle by yourself. Even your teachers have commented on your puzzle solving capability. The other week, you put together a 50 State puzzle by yourself!

You have discovered that Banks is your friend. In melts my heart when I hear you ask him "Banks, will you 'elp me?" or "Come on Banks, lets play" or "chase me". Not only do I love it but Banks also loves it. He adores you! The other night when praising Banks after using the potty, I told Banks that he used the potty like a big boy. You quickly chimed in "Banks not a bi(g) boy, he (s)mall". I think you like being the big brother a lot.

As much as you like to play with Banks, you still enjoy your "quiet time" in the afternoons. This has moved downstairs into the den while Banks is napping. During this time, you play with your cars, read books, watch some tv, do puzzles, etc. You are totally independent when it comes to playing. We do play together but you do a great job of entertaining yourself, too.

You are doing great with your speech. You've made giant improvements. You are trying to say a lot more and succeeding. We're still working on the /k/ and /g/ sound but those back of the throat sounds are hard.

Hughes, I'm so glad that God decided to give you to us. I love your laid back personality, your independent self, your protective big brother nature, your genuine kisses and hugs before bed, your curiosity and interest towards books, your creative imaginary play with cars & trucks, and your love of a bike ride. You light up my day - every second of it!

I love you to the moon and back,

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