Saturday, October 24, 2009

Citadel Tailgate

We ventured over to The Citadel this afternoon for some tailgating fun with friends (old and new). I ran into a friend from college and an even older friend from St. Matthews (older meaning I've known longer not anything to do with age) - Paige and Ryan Price. It's always fun when you're tailgating and you look up to see friends wandering right by you.

Paige lived in St. Matthews briefly as a child but I really met her at Auburn. Ryan lived in St. Matthews until 3rd grade and then moved. They were childhood sweethearts and reconnected later when I told Paige at Auburn that Ryan was at The Citadel. They started emailing and the rest is history.

Paige, I got a Be a Tourist card in the mail today and I'm holding you to it!

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The Price's said...

Hey AW! Seeing you yesterday totally made my day!!! We HAVE to get together more often! Email me hat pic when you get a chance. I want to put it on my blog