Monday, October 12, 2009

Progress & Poop

When I pick Hughes up from school I always ask him how his day was and what did he do. I usually get silence. When I ask him if he colored, the answer is always no. When I ask him if he read books, the answer is always no. Even if I ask the teacher before hand about what they did, Hughes always answers no.

So, today when picking him up and buckling his car seat, I asked him what he did today. AND HE ANSWERED! He told me he did a "pirate puzzle with a sea monster" and "he built an airplane". I am still giddy one hour later over this accomplishment. It probably seems so small to most of you. But, you have to understand, I don't have fluid conversations with Hughes. We have question/answer period at best (parents doing the questioning, Hughes doing the answering). So, for Hughes to give me something other than a "no" is quite exciting. We are making progress!

Banks big progress has been the word "yesh" aka yes. He says it at the right time and his "yesh" just makes me smile. Also, this 2 year old teetee'd on the potty by himself. He got out of the tub and sat on the little potty and did his business. I came back into the bathroom only to find teetee in the potty. I asked Hughes if he did and he said "no". Then, I asked Hughes who did. To which I got the response "Banks did". I made a really big deal about it. So, the next day, I went upstairs to do something and there again was teetee in the little potty. I came downstairs and asked Banks if he teetee'd. He answered "yesh". I, again, made a big deal about it. At that point, I also realized that Banks had taken his diaper off. Two minutes later, I hear David yelling from the downstairs bathroom "who pooped on the floor". It was Banks. At least he went to the right room and he did lay toilet paper on top of it.

So, that's my latest poop story. Banks is interested in using the potty but I think we're just going to take it easy on the training. He did just turn 2 in September so I'm not going to push it and make it hard on myself. I did that with Hughes and it backfired.


Rebecca said...

GO HUGHES! That is awesome!!

Go Banks! I am laughing my head off! Love it! I know you didn't love cleaning it but like you said at least it was in the right room.

When do you go to Disney? Charlie started pooping in the potty there for the first time all on his own. No idea why. I guess they don't call it Magical for nothing!

Courtney said...

This made me laugh out loud! I love peeking over at your blog because it gives me a preview of what I have coming with my two boys! Thanks for sharing, and we really need to get together sometime! Take care, Courtney