Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Update on Collins

Before I get a phone call from my mother, I am well aware that Collins needs a hair cut in these pictures.  Now, we shall move on. :)

Collins is a wild man.  He likes to wake up around 6 (5:30 some days, 6:30 other days).  He will typically snuggle with me in the bed until David is dressed and ready to have breakfast.  Oh, and by snuggle, I mean be a leech on my back or use my head as his pillow.  It's great, really.  Because of his early rising, he still takes a nap in the afternoon.  I'll be sad when those days are over.

He has lots of words but his intelligibility of his words is the problem.  I can understand most of them.  We'll probably be 3 for 3 in the speech department.  He starts three-day preschool next year and I think he's going to love it.  At least, I hope.  

Check out that hair picture!

He says "mama" at least 2 million times a day.  It's so cute but also exasperating at the end of the day.  He loves to call for Hughes and Banks and often asks them for help.  He loves race cars or, really, anything with wheels he can push (grocery cart, metal cars, wagons).  

We're going to start potty training soon.  However, I just bought a whole new box of diapers so give me a few weeks before I'm totally sold on the idea.

Collins is easy-going, loves Nutella and Mickey Mouse, and just an easy boy.  He loves his big brothers and often mimics what he hears them say.  Although, his mimics are often garbled language.

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