Friday, May 31, 2013

River Monsters

Today was Storybook Character Day in Mrs. Wightman's first grade class.  Hughes chose to be Jeremy Wade.  I know a lot of 7-year old people probably haven't heard of his show, River Monsters, but Hughes is obsessed.  It is by far his favorite show and he talks about Jeremy Wade a good bit.  So, when the opportunity came to dress up as someone, Hughes chose him.  Now, we realize Mr. Wade is not a storybook character but a real, live human.  However, Mrs. Wightman is a really cool first grade teacher and allowed Hughes to veer ever so slightly off course.

Mr. Wade (aka Hughes)
Hughes insisted we get white hair paint so he could be more in character.

When you go up to a student, they read their paragraph of clues so the parent can use their bingo card to try to guess who the student is.

Hughes reading his clues.

 Hughes and his river monsters.  We painted a Black Piranha and a Goliath Tigerfish.

Singing some songs.

Collins and me with Mr. Wade

Fancy Nancy was in the house, as well as, Junie B. Jones.

All of the kids did awesome and it was really cute.

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