Friday, May 31, 2013

Last Day of Preschool

Last Friday was the last day of preschool for Banks.  He is ready for kindergarten.

A couple of pictures before preschool.  We got a cold burst of weather hence the fleece jacket.

My stepping stones.

Off to carpool.

 And, here is a main teacher this year, Mrs. Chapin.  Banks did not want me to get a picture but I was sneaky and got one instead.

Banks, I hope you always go to school so easily.  You leap out of bed in the morning and hit the ground running.  Only when it gets really quiet in the afternoon is when I'll find you passed out in the playroom with a bionicle with one hand and beyblade in the other.  You play hard until you crash.  I hope kindergarten is all that you hope and expect it to be.  Your preschool teachers have told me all year long that you are a rule follower and are always helping clean up.  I love to hear that about you because I often wonder how you are in class.  Keeping working and playing hard.  Watch out Waynewood Elementary, here comes Banks!
I love you to the moon and back!

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