Thursday, May 23, 2013

Banks End-of-the-Year Preschool Show

Banks had his end of the year preschool production.  His class sang "If I were a butterfly . . ."  It was super cute.  I can't believe tomorrow is his last day of preschool.  He has loved school this year at Aldersgate and has made some great friends.  His class had 12 students and two teachers.

Banks and Cam

He sang all the words and did all the motions, too.  

They ended the production with "God Bless America".  I loved the flags and watching Banks sing the words.

Afterwards there was a picnic on the playground.  Here he is with Abby and Charlie.  Both are on his t-ball team and Abby's dad is the coach.

BecBec was here this past week and got to go to the preschool show.  We loved having her here especially the boys.  

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