Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Update on Banks

Banks is ready for kindergarten.  He talks about going to the "big school" where Hughes goes and how he'll get to play on the same playground.  He's been having his speech therapy there all year so he's already familiar with the school a little bit.  He's had a great preschool class at Aldersgate and hopefully he'll land in a class with some of his friends.  

He definitely takes life by the horns.  He's always up for any kind of sports event and loves to play with his friends.  He is fiercely competitive which is not always a great attribute.  We're still learning to lose with dignity.  He still loves Nutella sandwiches (aka chocolate sandwiches) for lunch and is normally pretty good brother to Collins.

He's moved up to Hughes' old bike because he blew out the tire on his.  And by blow out, I mean he skidded one to many times and wore the rubber completely off.  This kid lives life in the fast lane.  Sound familiar, Kent?

He loves the Wii and especially loves it when David plays with him.  He told me I could put his superhero toys up because he didn't play with them anymore.  I'm still in shock because he's been into superheroes since he was 3.  Now, he's into Ninjago and he loves the knights and castle he got for Christmas.

I'm looking forward to him putting his swimming lessons to the test this summer, lots of adventures in SC and Va, and just relaxing and having fun.

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