Tuesday, September 18, 2012


would be my Dad's 70th birthday - September 18th, 1943.  This is his first birthday that we haven't had him with us.  I'm trying to put on a strong face but I really just want to roll up in a ball and cry the day away.  I'm still so heart broken over losing him.  He really was an A+ super-duper dad.  His monument went up this past week and it is beautiful.   

 I was reading some old messages/notes that people sent me and there was one reoccuring theme - I could always count on  him.  And, you know, that's right.  Dad didn't let people down.  He never let me down.  Going through life I knew that I always had two people in my corner - Dad and Mom.  Fortunately, mom is still here and I plan on that being that way for a very long time.

But here is what I have realized over the last 8 months - life isn't forever on earth.  I know this isn't profound but it has taught me a lot about:
enjoying the moments (small or big)
making memories
taking lots of pictures
loving to the utmost
telling people you love them
spending time with family
tears don't hurt
letting my boys create memories with family
Family is most important and making the time and effort to see them speaks volumes about how you feel about them.  

I believe in our loving God.  I believe he has got my whole family in the palm of his hand on this day especially.  Even though it has been hard to go back to church, not because of anger but because I get so emotional in the church service that it becomes embarrassing, I know that Dad is standing in the presence of God with his Mom and Dad's arms around him.

For me, I just want to dance with him one more time.

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