Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of First Grade

Hughes started at Waynewood Elementary on Tuesday.  He's in Mrs. Wightman's class and loves it.  He practically gave me the heisman at the classroom door.  I'm so happy that he was ready for school to start and is doing great.  He got a "happy" phone call today from his teacher that said he was doing great.  Makes my heart smile.

Mandatory First Day Picture

 Posing with the little brothers

 Our neighbor was kind enough to take our picture before we started our walk/scooter ride to school.  Waynewood starts at 9 and is a couple of blocks away so it makes it easy to walk.  Ask me this when it's freezing and I'm sure I'll have another answer :)

Hughes and Mrs. Wightman.  He has 22 students in his class with an aide.  I can't believe first grade is already here.  How did it get here so fast?

And, not to leave David out.  He had his first day of work on Tuesday, too.  Here he is heading to work.  He had a great day just like Hughes.

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