Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Smooth Operator

Hughes has been chatting it up with the ladies lately.  Below are a few of his most memorable conversations.  It would be important to note that we walk to school most mornings with our neighbor, Avery, who is also in first grade.  Lately, another first grade girl, Samantha, has been joining us.

Hughes and Avery were walking one day and Avery mentioned something about having a bad morning.  Hughes is his matter-of-fact voice said, "Well, I had a bad morning, too.  I spilled my milk and wet the bed".  He kept on walking as Avery turned to look at me with a shocked expression on her face.  I just said "accidents happen" and moved the conversation along.

And, this morning we were walking with Avery and Samantha and Hughes picked up a feather.  The girls said things like "gross"  "it probably has germs on it"  "you need to wash your hands, Hughes" "it's going to have bugs on it".  All pretty standard girl talk.  Hughes responded with "oh yeah, well at the creek house, me and my dad found a raccoon's skull.  It had a little bit of fur on it but I knocked it off".  That really sent the girls into shriek mode.

We may need to work on Hughes' pick-up lines before he starts hitting the bar scene.

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