Thursday, September 20, 2012

Banks the Trash Talker

Banks has started off the soccer season with a BANG!  He is playing for the Gunston Recreational Soccer League and they play on the site of George Washington's Grist Mill and Distillery.  Living in Charleston for the past 12 years one would think I would be use to historical significance but our actual neighborhood is part of the original Mount Vernon.  How cool is that?  That means ol' GW could have had a picnic with Martha in my backyard!

Okay, back to soccer.  The teams have double-headers every Saturday so the season is not too long or before it starts getting really cold.  It has paid off in Banks' favor to have played last year with the bigger kids because now he has no fear.  He's right in there in the pack kicking and when he gets a break-away, well, he's gone.  He's a quick lil' guy and managed to score 3 goals on break-aways.

There was one problem.  He was trash talking.  Yes, my sweet(not always) 5-year old did some trash-talking at last week's games.  I blame his dad.  Why?  Well, when David plays with the boys whether it's wrestling or soccer or basketball, David always trash talks them (ex.  You're going down, have you had enough, oh yeah, etc)  So, Banks carried that over into his game and was telling the other team "you're going down".  His coach didn't like it.  We talked so hopefully there will be no trash talking this week but just scoring.

Running through the tunnel at the end.  Win or lose, every player loves that!

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