Saturday, August 6, 2011

Just Sayin'

While at Hilton Head at the pool, Banks had made friends with a little girl named Isabelle. They were the same age and chatting and playing together. Banks wanted Isabelle to watch him jump off the side of the pool but wanted me to get her attention. I told him "no, you call her name and tell her to watch you". He refused to do it saying " no, mom, you do it". This went back and forth for about a minute and finally Banks replied with "no, mom, you're a girl and girls talk to each other". So, I called Isabelle over to watch Banks jump.

On the way home from camp, Hughes was in the backseat watching me drive and he said, "mom, you have old hands". (remove knife from heart) He was looking at the scar on my right hand.

I made homemade salsa last night for dinner. Hughes loves the local mexican restaurant's mild salsa and he watched me make the salsa telling me how great it smelled. Of course, he refused to eat any last night. Well, today at lunch while I was coming down the stairs I heard him tell David that "mom makes the worst salsa he's ever had". I didn't think he saw me come down the stairs but apparently he did because then he was motioning to David with his hands to be quiet and telling him never mind. At least we know he has social etiquette and not tell someone to their face that their food is bad. For the record, the salsa is excellent!

Also today, Hughes said "I've got something red on me" while pointing to his nipple. This, of course, led Banks to explore as well. David took this conversation and showed them his nipples and that everyone has them. Banks then asked if mom had them. There was a quick yes and then the conversation moved on to all mammals having nipples. We went through dogs, cats, deer, cows. And then, David couldn't stop himself and started talking about when you're a baby and your moms make a special milk. At this point, I put my head down shaking it back and forth. Banks started to laugh. Hughes said it wasn't funny. And then, thankfully the conversation was over. Who knows what we're going to tell our new teachers next week?

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