Monday, August 22, 2011

Practice Photo Shoot

So, I'm learning with my new camera. I love it. I especially love how fast the shutter speed is! My pictures are crisp and clear. Now, I'm just learning what all the different settings do and when I should use a particular setting. Lucky for me, I've got several friends who have the same camera and they've all given me tips.

Hughes(5) - wasn't really in the smiling mood.
Note to Self: 1pm on a hot day is not the best time to try to take pictures.

Little sweaty, squinchy eyes but he was pretty cooperative so I've got to give him that. Of course, it could have been the candy we were holding as collateral.

He was a doll.

Shot of the boys. Besides Banks' flailing arm, it's pretty good, right?

Also, it's a good thing I bought my camera when I did because just a week later David's car died! So, now we're looking for a car for him. But on the bright side, I can take great pictures of his new clunker when he takes it on its maiden voyage!

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