Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kentucky Derby Party With a Royal Twist

*I love a costume party. When I'm told to dress-up or don something fancy, then I will try my best not to disappoint.

Suzie hosted a small Kentucky Derby Party this year and threw a royal twist with it. Instead of just sun hats, we were to wear fascinators in honor of Prince William & Duchess Katharine's recent nuptials. I loved the idea from the minute we talked about it. Now, I'm not one to go and buy some expensive hat. I am one to break out my trust old glue gun and get creative.

I offered to make David a top hat but he declined. I went with yellow because it matched my shirt and that's the color the Queen wore. So, I thought it was befitting of me to wear yellow, too. After all, I am Queen of my house. The big boys were in the splash pools in the backyard.

Some wore sun hats, some wore fascinators.
Laura, Me, Elizabeth, Suzie & Kelly

My Boys

We didn't win the race with our horse but we had a great time.

My hat was made out of a paper plate using a coat hanger to keep it's "v" shape. It was covered it yellow satin fabric from Walmart and I used some feathers off of Maemae's hat that she really did wear to the Derby last year. Throw in a headband, some yellow netting, couple of glue sticks & lot of blisters on my thumbs and you have my masterpiece. It was a fascinating fascinator!


Courtney said...

I love your fascinator! So creative!

5mcintyres said...

How crafty are you!? That is awesome! Looks like fun. See you soon!