Saturday, May 21, 2011

Banks - Soccer

Banks had his last soccer clinic of the season. He has loved every thing about soccer and has really done a good job participating and listening to Coach Paul & Coach Tyler.

Getting in the stretches before he does the drills

Oh yeah, right in the goal. He's a leftie with his kicking.

Listening to Coach Paul

This was Banks' first opportunity to play an organized sport. Although, there were no games just learning the basics and practicing drills, Banks did a great job. He showed a lot of potential as long as you were using his red "spiderman" ball. By the 3rd clinic, the coaches figured out which ball they used really does matter and it wasn't just Banks. A lot of the other players had the same emotional ties to their soccer balls as Banks does with his. So, once this was figured out everyone was happy and ready to the drills.

I'm not sure what we will do in the Fall. He's also really interested in baseball.

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