Thursday, May 26, 2011


Yesterday at school, they had a bike-a-thon. All the kids brought their bikes, scooters, or three-wheelers and their helmets. The 5K Transitional class went first out front.

The majority of the class ready to go. There were some with training wheels, some without, some intense twin three-wheelers, and some altogether crazy driving!

Everybody is ready! The class goal was for everyone to do 25 laps. I'm proud to say Hughes made it around twice before complaining of being tired. He took a little break and then gave it another two laps. He wasn't the only one but he was definitely the first. I think we need to work on stamina. He chose to take his scooter but he still is a little unsure of himself when it comes to riding his bike especially on pavement.

Hughes & Kieran.
Kieran loves dinosaurs as much as Hughes does and he often talks of her. He even took her a gift on Valentine's Day!

Hughes in action.

Banks' class did the bike path on the playground. As you can imagine, lots of pile-ups, very slow, & lots of frustration from Banks. He kept telling his classmates to "go, go, go". Banks is very good and fast at riding his "batman" bike as he calls it and he wasn't liking the slower pace his classmates were taking.

Banks looking bored.

Pile-up at the turn. Miss Devyn trying to clear the pathway.

Banks and this little boy in the yellow totally dominated the bike path. They were by far the most comfortable on their bikes.

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Wimberly Brown said...

I love that picture of Banks on his bike! He does not look happy.