Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just Saying

Here are some recent comments from the boys:

(Collins sneezed)
Hughes: Collins just "bless you'd all over me"

Banks upon waking up from a bad dream came pounding into our bedroom at 4:30am. We thought he was saying he "teetee'd" in the bed but upon inspection his sheets and pajamas were bone dry. We still couldn't understand what was going on but he refused to get back in his bed. So, I did what any normal mother would do. I put a sleeping bag on his floor and let him sleep there. He wanted to get in bed with us but I know how that story ends up - mama gets no sleep because she is kicked the rest of the night.

So this morning I was talking to him about his dream. I finally figured out what he was saying after only asking him to describe what happened. His description words were hairy feathers & a beak. Oh, you mean chicken. Okay, so I got the word he has been trying to tell us. He had a nightmare about a chicken being in the bed with him. I told David about it and he said "oh no wonder. He took me into his room this morning and told me that it disappeared".

Tonight at bedtime, Banks was hesitant to get in his bed. I had to pull the covers back to show him that there was no chicken in his bed or his room.

Hughes got upset with me on the way to school this morning because I didn't bring him a drink in the car.
Hughes: Mama, I don't like you.
Me: Hughes, that hurts my feelings and you shouldn't say mean things like that. Say that you're upset with me.
Hughes: Mama, you're fired. (I swear he's never seen The Apprentice)

Let it be known that I haven't brought him a drink in the car for quite a while because I threw all the sippy cups away and now we only use regular cups - huge blessing by the way. I no longer find random sippy cups behind furniture, under the car seats, etc.

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Rebecca said...

So funny that he fired you, but you are not alone... trust me!