Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Update

It was a beautiful weekend in Charleston. On Saturday, we took the boys to see Auburn play College of Charleston in baseball. Auburn won and the boys were good - the blowpops helped them sit still.

We still have those blowpops wrapped in ziploc bags that I plan to throw away very soon. Talk about teeth rot!

Then, on Sunday we met G-Daddy and Dawa at Hall's Chophouse for Sunday brunch. They were down here living it up at the Charleston Food & Wine Festival. The brunch was fantastic but I have to admit that I got a little nervous taking 3 little boys (2 excitable little boys and 1 baby) into such a fine restaurant but they did pretty well. Banks left his mark on the table cloth - literally - he colored the table cloth with his crayons. Sometimes coloring on the paper can be just as hard as coloring inside the lines.

After-Brunch Picture

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