Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lessons Learned

I celebrated a birthday this past week and now that I am smack-dab in the middle of my 30s, I thought I would share 35 things I've learned about life since becoming a mom:

35. Tantrums at 6pm are often a result of being extremely hungry and/or extreme exhaustion.
34. Tantrums at 6pm often end with child asleep on floor. It's okay to wait it out.
33. Baby/Kid fingernails need to be trimmed once/week.
32. Target diapers are good.
31. Generic formula is great.
30. Hand-me-downs are wonderful. (Thank you Lisa)
29. I'll never be the same size as I was before having children and I'm trying to accept that.
28. It's okay to request a specific toy in the Happy Meals if it means that my boys will be ecstatic.
27. Boys love to play dress-up just as much as girls do.
26. Legos are intense and require a college education to follow the directions.
25. Legos hurt like a son-of-a-gun when stepped on.
24. Moms need nights off, girls' night out, alone time, etc. or we go crazy.
23. It's more fun to shop for my boys than me.
22. I'm happiest when the toys are organized and my floors are clean.
21. Moving from taking a bath to wanting to take a shower is a huge deal and timesaver.
20. Bedtime is something that I am not willing to budge on during the week.
19. Hearing your children ask about God always brings tears to my eyes.
18. Extinction is a hard concept to understand. Would someone explain to Hughes why he can't have a pet dinosaur?
17. Boy toys are more fun than girl toys.
16. Only a bath can get dirt from under the fingernails out.
15. "Sleeping in" means 8:00am.
14. Hearing/Seeing your children use good manners makes a mama proud.
13. Kisses from your children never get old.
12. Baby slobber on your cheek feels just like a kiss.
11. It's painstakingly hard to watch your child struggle with something.
10. Punishments must be tailored to the child. Time-outs work for some whereas pops work for others.
9. I'm a big believer in tubes for children who battle repeated ear infections.
8. When your child's feelings get hurt so do yours.
7. A good coach can make a world of difference on a team.
6. Going grocery shopping by myself is something I look forward to doing weekly.
5. Don't buy any expensive rugs/furniture until all children are grown and out of the house.
4. Leather seats are worth the upgrade when you have kids and juice boxes.
3. DVD Player in the car is a god-send and definitely worth the extra cost.
2. Husbands can make the best superhero noises, battle explosions, wrestling moves, etc. when playing with their little boys.
1. Unsolicited "I love you" and kisses make everything better. Oh yeah, so does a beer on the back porch :)

What lessons have you learned?


Nancy said...

Great list! Happy birthday!

Rebecca said...

That is AWESOME, and I agree 100%! Happy belated birthday! :) Hope it was a good one!

Courtney said...

Love your list - I was nodding with each one. Hope you had a happy birthday!!