Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lent Pledge 2011

I pledge during Lent to give up clutter.

I'm tired of my kitchen counter becoming the catch-all for random drawings, mail, small toys, etc. My goal is to get organized and I'm using simplemom.net to help me do this. While this is a weekly thing, I'm also pledging to organize one part of my house per day. This may be a drawer or a bookshelf or a toy bin but something will be organized. By the time Easter rolls around, I will have one insanely organized house!

This may seem like an easy, no-sweat pledge but with three boys, one big, hairy dog and not a lot of storage space things can get out-of-control quite quickly around here. Did I mention that the three little boys aren't the best at keeping their toys organized or that the big, hairy dog has yet to figure out how to sweep up behind himself? So, this will be quite a task for me and I'm ready to take it on.

Bring it on, Clutter. I'm ready.


Courtney said...

Ooh - good for you! Clutter is a constant battle for me, and I've only got two little boys and no dog. It helps to have good motivation like this. I'll be working on it too . . . good luck!

Rebecca said...

What a good idea!! Maybe next year for me! :)