Thursday, March 17, 2011

Say What?

Here are the latest sayings, mispronunciations, conversations, etc.

On the way to baseball practice:
Hughes: I wetting.
Me: You're what?
Hughes: I wetting.
David: You're sweating?
Hughes: yes, I wetting.

Will we ever get the "s" sound?

Outside of school:
David: Banks, look at those bird houses. Who do you think put them there?
Banks: God.

In the car with Lucius sitting beside Collins.
Lucius: Mimi, the baby shut off.
Me: what?
Lucius: the baby shut off.
Me: oh, he went to sleep.
Lucius: yes, he shut off.

A couple of weeks ago we had Olivia, Reese, & Jacob Daniels over for dinner. Jacob and Hughes were playing in the den when Jacob came into the kitchen. Jacob asked David if Hughes was speaking spanish. Geez Louise! Guess we'll keep trucking along with speech!

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