Sunday, March 27, 2011

Motor Cop Rodeo

On Saturday, we went to see the Motor Cop Rodeo. This is a competition where motorcycle officers from all over compete to see who is the best obstacle course driver. Some events are individual, some are follow-the-leader, and some are tandem (two bikes tethered together). It was at the North Charleston Coliseum parking lot and it was a lot of fun to watch. Each obstacle course was timed and points were deducted for knocking over a cone or grazing a cone. The individual winner with the best time gets the name Mr. Rodeo.

I got to catch up with two teachers that I use to teach with whose husbands are motor cops. Officer Matt Smoak was nice enough to let the boys sit on his motorcycle and take a picture. He came in 3rd overall - way to go Matt!

Check out all of those motorcycles in the background. It was loud but very interesting to watch. These officers definitely know how to maneuver their bikes.

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