Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shut the Duck Up!

What's that you say?

Who's #1?

Oh yeah, that would be my

Auburn - Oregon

It was a great game down to the last second.

Do I wish we would have blown the Ducks out of the water?
Sure I do.

Do I wish I could have been there?
Yep, but sweet baby Collins won't take a bottle and until David can come up with a pill to make his body lactate, it looks like Collins is with me.

The rest of my family was out there but no one got into the game. Tickets at kick-off were going for $6000 - no that isn't a typo. Even at halftime they were still going for $1200 a piece. The family still had a great time watching the game outside the stadium with a ton of AU fans and just being there to experience the excitement.

WAR elephant-stomping, chicken-frying, duck-hunting EAGLE!

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