Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Day

In the afternoon on Christmas Day, we packed up the car, ripped the boys away from their new Santa gifts and headed north to York. We let the boys bring their new Leapsters - Explorer & Tag. They both loved these gifts and I have huge hopes of these electronic games reinforcing the educational concepts they claim to do. Well, only about an hour into the trip did I realize that I forgot to pack pajamas for the big boys. Yes, with all the pajamas we have I somehow managed to forget to pack any for our 4-day holiday. Most sane people would just go buy new pajamas but we have soooooooooo many that David and I thought sleeping in your clothes didn't seem to horrible. In fact, the boys never noticed. Dawa did come to the rescue on the last night and brought home new Batman and Scooby Doo pajamas from her day of shopping.

Once we got to York the rest of the family was at an annual Christmas Night party so David and I had the house to ourselves. Well, while trying to find the Nutella for Banks my foot got caught on one of our bag straps and I fell while holding Collins. He got a goose egg on his head from where it grazed a piece of furniture. I fell on top of Banks which didn't really cushion my fall any. I ended up with some major bruising on my knee. Of course, I went into hysterical mode while David checked over Collins. G-Daddy (Dr. Dave) came home and gave Collins a thorough check-up and declared him fine. I was an emotional wreck.

But, on the positive, it snowed that night and it was so pretty. Hughes didn't want to go outside in it. Banks was dying to go outside in it. I wonder which way Collins will lean when he grows up? Charlie loved it!

Charlie loving the snow. I bet it felt good through all that fur. I mean, he is bred for diving into the icy Chesapeake Bay.

Banks stomping around in the snow. Thank goodness we had our new coats to keep us warm.

The boys who braved the cold - Banks, Dad, Collins & Charlie

Christmas night we had another round of presents & stockings. It was wild - paper was flying, kids were squealing & parents were just trying to figure out who gave what.

Ripping open presents. Sometimes the thrill is just ripping the paper off.

Hughes showing me his two new books.

Banks, Hughes & Kate modeling their new watches.

Am I cool or what? Batman shirt, Batman watch & Batman sunglasses.

Superheroes & Pirate

David reading a Superman, Wonder Woman & Batman book to Banks, Kate & Hughes. They loved it.

We had a great time hanging out with family, having Wii competitions, eating fabulous food & even getting to go on a date night. Now, it is time to get back into our regular routine of bedtime and schedules.

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