Sunday, January 2, 2011

Santa Came!

Santa Claus came and left us presents!

Hughes' pile - It was a Dino Christmas but he did get his first true Lego set and has since thoroughly enjoyed building the house. It took us several days, lots of hours, and was lots of fun. David and I had to step-back several times from taking over because it was very interesting to put together.

Banks' pile - It was a Batman Christmas. All this kid wants is Batman or any kind of Superhero toy.

Collins' pile - He got diapers, wipes, some new cotton outfits, a few new rattles, and a new stroller. You would think this being my 3rd child that I would have the stroller but I didn't. I consigned my single strollers when we had Banks. Then I had the double stroller and we consigned that this summer. I got a sit and stand type stroller before having Collins and I don't like it. It drives like a bus and is really hard to push and steer. Luckily I got it at a consignment store so I paid very little for it. So, lucky for me, Santa brought Collins a new stroller that is easy to push.

Sitting on the stairs before seeing what Santa left. I obviously dropped the ball on getting the boys cute Christmas pajamas. Hughes is in hand-me-down sports pajamas, Banks is in Halloween pajamas and Collins is the only child in a cute Christmas outfit. Oh well. On the bright side, the boys slept until 7:30am.

Hughes bursting through the paper. Banks decided to let Hughes do all the work this year.

His beloved Mighty Beanz. He's been asking for these for at least two months. What are they, you ask? I have no idea. Just a weighted been that has some crazy face. Apparently, you collect them and there are over 100 that you can collect. We have 12. I think we're good.

Loving the Spiderman costume. He put it on immediately.

His new Batman jet/motorcycle and car/monster truck. I hope Collins like Batman as much as Banks because we have just about every Batman toy possible.

Collins trying out his new ride. He approves.

BecBec and PopPop came over for brunch and brought more presents for the boys. Here they are opening their new art sets. They also got Transformers, lots of Auburn stuff, tailgating chairs, and a ton of other stuff. It was a crazy morning but lots of fun.

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