Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was full of family & fun. We started with participating in St. Michaels' Christmas Pageant. Hughes & Banks were oxen, I was the Delivering Angel, and Collins was Baby Jesus. If you would have asked me beforehand who was more apt to not take the stage then I would have said Hughes. But, no. Hughes proved me wrong. He went right up there and sat perfectly through the entire program. Banks, on the other hand, decided he did not want to go up on stage but would rather prefer to sit with me which was fine except that I had to go up on stage to deliver Jesus. Well, this Delivering Angel was followed by the cutest ox!

Hughes did not want his picture taken so here is just one of my oxen.

Delivering Angel & Baby Jesus

Baby Jesus didn't do too hot during the pageant. He decided that he didn't like it and, well, the Delivering Angel had to go back on stage and retrieve Baby Jesus from Mary & Joseph. Jesus then had to leave the building because his wails were so loud. One nursing session later and Baby Jesus was back in his sweet normal form.

After the pageant, we then walked next door to the rectory to celebrate Christmas Eve. We had a great dinner and the kids got to open some presents.

Lucius, Bryce, Banks & Wimberly opening presents.

Hughes checking out How to Train Your Dragon DVD.

Family Picture

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