Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Be a Tourist - Provost Dungeon & Charleston Museum

Yesterday, we went on a family adventure to the Provost Dungeon and The Charleston Museum. It was very interesting and the boys thought it was cool to be in a pirate jail. Of course, this dungeon has much more fascinating facts about it but all the boys heard was "pirate jail".

Interesting fact #1 When the British took over the Old Exchange building during the Revolutionary War, all of the gunpowder the colonists had was hidden in the dungeon.
Interesting fact #2 Part of the original Wall of Charleston can still be seen in the dungeon.
Interesting fact #3 The original brick floors from the 1700s are still there.
Those are just a few.

After the Provost Dungeon & Old Exchange Building, we drove over to The Charleston Museum. This museum has a small kid area and is largely a museum dedicated to the history of Charleston.

With that said, here is a polar bear. The signs tells you that this is a kid-favorite and that the polar bear has absolutely nothing to do with Charleston but the kids love it and that's why they keep it.

Banks standing in front of his favorite exhibit - the extinct crocodile. Pretty cool, huh?

And, Hughes' favorite - a dinosaur (not native to SC)
*Hughes' can't quite grasp the concept of extinct. He keeps asking me to get him a real dinosaur. I love the fact that he thinks I can do anything :)

We had a great day of family fun and I can't wait to see where our next adventure takes us. We have two more weekends in Charleston to use our Be a Tourist pass and there are several places we have yet to hit: Middleton, Birds of Prey, Hunley.

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