Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lowe's Kids Clinic - Monster Trucks

Last Saturday, the boys and I ventured to Lowe's for their Kids Clinic to make our own monster trucks while David did yard work. It was our first time doing one of these clinics and we will definitely be back. The boys had so much fun. It was very interesting seeing them with kid-sized hammers, safety goggles, and aprons. I was a little nervous about the nailing but both of them did great. I did have to hold a few while the boys hammered but luckily for my fingers they hit the nail every time.

Banks working hard hammering in those nails! The holes were slightly pre-drilled so it made hammering easy.

Hughes concentrating on his project. He did a great job following the picture directions.

Showing off his finished truck. Hughes chose the flames on the side.

While Banks chose "Monster Truck" for his side.

Not a great picture but I felt bad asking the Lowe's lady to take another one.

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