Sunday, June 27, 2010

He did it again!

Hughes has struck again - with scissors that is! He did it today when he went upstairs upset about something. We're not really sure what he was crying about but it happened right when we came in from church. Something happened and he went upstairs. I continued to fix lunch and David went upstairs to check on him. This is when David found him under his covers in his bed with the pump to David's blood pressure cuff. Well, to say that David's blood pressure hit a boiling point is an understatement. Hughes had obviously gone into our bathroom where I had used scissors earlier in the morning to cut some tags off things and proceeded to use them to destroy the cuff. Hughes got his first bare-bottom spanking and I think it made quite an impression.

Hughes has been told that if he is caught with scissors in his hands or proof of cutting something again that he will immediately get another spanking & time out.

This has got to be nipped in the bud. All scissors have been confiscated!

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