Wednesday, July 28, 2010

28 Week Appointment

I had my 28 wk. check-up last week and everything looked great. Luckily since the last great weight explosion between 20-24 wks., I've only gained 4 more pounds between weeks 24-28. Not that I'm that concerned. I've always gained 50lbs. during pregnancy and it looks like this time is no different. Like I've said before, I've put it on before and I'll take it off. This time it just may take some extra laps around the block!

I am craving more sweets this go around. With Hughes all I wanted was friend egg sandwiches - now, I couldn't eat one to save my life. In fact, they kind of make me feel ill just thinking about them. With Banks it was watermelon all the time. I'm pretty sure towards the end we were going through 2 watermelons a week. It was so good and cold. It's sounding pretty good right now, too.

His heartrate was 131 and he is a mover. During the day, he is very relaxed but at night, oh man, he likes to rock 'n roll. The boys just got to feel him move the other day. Both were a little perplexed after feeling the kicks. My nieces(Anna Banks & Emma) felt him move last night and asked if the kicks hurt. And a friend a church during a class could visibly see my stomach moving around. Either this kid loves Dave Ramsey or he was protesting against budgets - let's hope he's a saver!

Hughes and Banks will bring up the baby a lot. We talk about the baby's room and what we'll do when he cries. Hughes says he is going to share with him and show him his Legos. While Banks insists upon singing his "Lightening McQueen" song that David made up to my stomach.

I feel great other than the usual tiredness & achiness. School starts back for the boys on the 9th so that will give me a some more "down time" where I can rest or just gets things done without two energetic boys tagging along! I can't wait to meet this son and, hopefully soon, David and I will have an official name. It's not that we can't agree. We just haven't had the time to sit down and discuss it.

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