Thursday, July 8, 2010

Unwelcomed New Friend

Hughes was playing in the woods with friends yesterday and came home with a new friend. We didn't see it until this morning when David was giving him a kiss goodbye before he left for work. It was a TICK! It was embedded in his scalp. GROSS! David pulled it out and, thankfully, the entire thing came out. Hughes didn't even whimper.

We put it in a plastic bag so that we could try to identify it via Google. We also called the pediatrician to make sure there wasn't anything else besides antibiotic cream and watching for swelling that we needed to do. I'm still not sure what kind of tick it was but, apparently, it is very rare to contract Lyme Disease in SC. The majority of the cases are up north so that made me feel better.

Of course, we will continue to watch Hughes and the spot to make sure our healthy boy stays our healthy boy!


Rebecca said...

One of my boys had a tick on their leg once! I took him to the pediatrician immediately and made them take it out. I think it has been 2 years since that happened. UGH! See - you really aren't the only one! :)

Living Presidents said...

ughh gross

the fact you kept it to compare to google images and called a pediatrician was funny. it just fell perfect under the 'mom that blogs' stereotype.