Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kids Bowl Free

I signed the boys up for the Kids Bowl Free program at our local AMF bowling alley. It is a nationwide program and I thought I would give it a shot. I'm always looking for that occasional indoor activity when it's 100+ degrees outside with 100% humidity.

We went on Wednesday morning unbeknownst to us that there is a morning group who bowls that day. We didn't have to wait for a lane but it was crowded. I didn't think at 10:00am there would be much of a crowd but I was wrong. The bowling was free but we did have to pay for shoe rentals - which wasn't much.

Stacy met us there with Charles and Francis and the bowling ensued. Hughes lost interest about after the 5th frame. Charles and Banks were into the bowling. And Francis, well, she bumped her head and lost interest after that. After watching a couple of balls literally creep down the lane the manager brought us over this metal ramp. The kids could put their balls on top of the ramp and then give them a slight push which would send the ball sailing down the lane. This was much faster and easier. I think we quit after the 8th frame.

Charles and Hughes at the control board.

Banks working on his form.

The boys with their green balls. You can see the ramp in the background.

I don't think this will be a weekly activity but I'm definitely glad to have it in my back pocket. You never know when I'm going to want to send David and the boys off on an adventure!


Adnan said...

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Nancy said...

I signed up for this as well but haven't used the coupons yet. We'll have to go one day...