Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We played hookie from church on Sunday and hit the beach for some family time. The mission was to build sand castles, dig giant holes, and jump over the waves. I would say the mission was accomplished and the family time was much needed. Hughes is definitely much braver towards the waves this year and Banks, well, Banks is still a little timid around the waves. He's not quite big enough to stand his ground when a strong wave hits.

The boys hard at work building their giant sand castle with moat.

On Memorial Day, we headed to the creekhouse at Edisto to spend the day with BecBec, PopPop, Aunt Shell, Bull, Anna Banks, Emma, & Lucius. Kent and Trina were playing golf so we only saw them for a few minutes right before we left to come back home. The weather was gloomy but the rain held off while we were there. The boys and Charlie did a lot of playing outdoors - baseball, football, walking through the creek - and they did a lot of playing indoors - cartoons, wrestling, squealing, etc. We had a great time and a fabulous dinner.

Bull lowering the boys into the creek. The creekhouse is on a tidal creek so when it is low tide then it is really low tide - like ankle deep! It was low tide so the boys were able to walk around and exlore the mud, crabs, and other marsh creatures.

Checking our their surroundings.

Emma being the babysitter and making sure the boys stayed close by.

We had a great Memorial Day and are very appreciative of what this day is about. I'm proud to an American and thankful for the freedoms that I enjoy because fellow Americans have fought and died for them. God Bless the USA!

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