Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Chefs

Today, I got a wild hair. It was raining and we needed some indoor entertainment. So, please let me introduce you to The Chefs. I had a lunch of pizza and brownies today courtesy of my boys.

I explained the directions and boys followed. They did a great job and I was proud of their listening skills. And, I got them to eat mushrooms!

Putting on the sauce

Making sure the pepperonis and mushrooms were in the right place.

Final product before the oven - we had to use cheddar cheese because I forgot to buy mozz. cheese. It was still fantastic!

And, now, we're stirring the brownies. I opted out of using the hand-mixer. I thought it would be best for my clean-up job and for all the little fingers involved to stay away from that appliance.

Enjoying the meal of pizza before the dessert of brownies.
They loved their meal!