Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Updates on the Boys

Banks and I were having a conversation and I asked him if he was going to help take care of the baby when he got here. He said yes and then asked me if I was going to help him take care of his baby when it got here. He is still under the assumption that he, too, has a baby growing inside his tummy.

Hughes told Banks spontaneously that he loved him and Banks replied the same. Talking about melt your heart!

Hughes was at bible school and they were talking about knowing Jesus so that you could go to heaven when you die. Hughes told his teacher that he didn't know Jesus but that he knew Hudson and was going to his house. He cracks me up!

This morning before bible school started I wanted Hughes to go to the bathroom. I walked towards the girls' bathroom and Hughes stopped. He refused to go in. He told me that that room was only for girls and that he needed to go to the boys' room. He had to have learned that yesterday at bible school because he has never refused to go in the ladies' room before.

I asked Banks if he would take care of me as I was laying down on the couch. He gave me a kiss and said, "I promise, now go night night". I love that kid!

This morning as we were getting dressed for VBS, Hughes told me that he had something in his ear. He scratched his ear and pulled out his TUBE! It was pretty cool and had obviously fallen out of the ear drum and was on its way out. Now, if we can only get the other tube to fall out maybe we can avoid tube removal surgery in the fall. Do you think they'll give us a 50% discount for only having to remove one tube?

We're potty training Banks this week. He's doing pretty good and must have the bladder the size of a horse. We haven't gotten him to take the initiative and go to the bathroom on his own but he stays dry throughout the day and when I ask him to sit on the potty every few hours he willingly goes and goes and goes! Poop - well, that's another story!

We are in a huge Scooby Doo phase right now. Luckily, Netflix has kept us in business with their ability to stream videos - much cheaper than buying them!

Baby #3 is continuing to grow and kick. I've had a few people around tell me that they didn't even realize I was pregnant - WHAT? I've gained 20 lbs. - Do they just think I've packed on the pounds? I clearly have a pregnancy belly. And, of course, one man asked me if I was sure I was only having one baby - they should teach a class to men and let them know what comments are considered rude. Maybe I should gather all kinds of rude comments men say and write a book. It can be given as high school graduation presents!

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