Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

We have had quite a busy Memorial Day wkend and it was all fabulous!  Saturday we dedicated to the yard and left Monday for pure enjoyment.  So, bright and early we headed to Beachcomber Park out at Kiawah.  We were one of the first people there.  Last year, Hughes would not even go near the water.  He would only play in the sand.  Banks wasn't even crawling so he played with whatever was nearby.  BIG CHANGE this year!  Hughes is a waterbug.  All he did was play in the water.  Banks took some warming up but eventually he got waterlogged, too! 


He was so excited he could hardly contain  himself.

Banks taking a juice break.

Miller about to "water" Conley.

Hughes showing William the shell he found which happened to be the home of a hermit crab.

Memorial Day 2008 - what a difference a year makes!
Banks and Thomas just hanging out.

Hughes scared of the water.

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