Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day at the Park

With law school over for the summer, we decided that Saturday would be a family day at the park.  We took a picnic lunch, bathing suits, and bikes for the boys to get out some energy.  We started at the Spray 'n Play where Hughes ran like a wild man through the water spouts.  It was surprising to me b/c sometimes he's all about the spouts and sometimes he's scared of them so you never know which kid you're going to get!  Banks, on the other hand, has always been a little terrified of the big water spouts so he just sat on our laps most of the time.  Then, we had our picnic lunch and then ventured over to the newly redone playground - it is awesome and Hughes and Banks are big fans!  Well, I can say Banks is a big fan.  Everytime we've been there, Banks does all the slides and playground stuff.  While Hughes looks for sticks on the outskirts.  So, this particular day Hughes got Banks interested in this oak tree that was beside one of the picnic tables and they explored all around it.  

Checking out the whole on the side of the oak tree.

Banks hanging out for a picture with Dad's help.

I think this may be one of the best pictures of Hughes I've ever taken - he's smiling, dimples are showing and he's looking at the camera :)   What more could I ask for?

Do you see the halos on top of their heads?  

Banks enjoyed being pushed on his tricycle but later decided that he wanted to ride Hughes' bike.  So I ended up pushing Banks on Hughes' bike and pulling the tricycle behind me while Hughes walked.

Action shot

Not a great picture of myself but a picture to document that I was there and do participate in their lives just normally with a camera in front of my face :)

After this shot, the boys ran out of steam.  We were about 3/4 of the way through the mile loop so we sent dad to go get the car and we backtracked to the fishing dock.  On our way back to the dock, we saw a snake slither across the path in front of us.  Hughes was very excited and wanted to run up ahead and catch it.  I held him back thankfully and told him the snake was on his way home and that we needed to let him go home.  I was praying that home was far, far away from us!

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love the tree pic of hughes!!