Monday, August 19, 2013


Hughes went to his first spend-the-night camp at Lutheridge in Arden, NC.  This is the same camp that I went to when I was little.  His friend, William Berglind, went with him and I think they had a great time.  I will have to say when I was dropping him off I was little concerned about how rustic the cabins were/are and how bad his counselor smelled.  I think it should be mandatory for all counselors to shower on drop-off day and wear deodorant on drop-off day.  All other days = I couldn't care less.  For the parents' sake, wash yourself.

So, back to my post.  Hughes was pumped.  He was most excited that I gave him $20 to shop at the camp store with instructions to by himself a t-shirt.  Biggest disappointment of the week - Hughes lost the $20 on the hike to the store.  Very sad, little boy.  When I asked him what he was going to buy, he said a mood ring, necklace, chapstick and a hat.  William bought a hat and I think it was surplus from the 1985 camp store as it had a lovely plastic, green netting on the back.  Nice, huh?

Hughes and William 
At this point, I realize that I've been spoiled by Camp Greenville's cabins.

Hughes and his counselor.
When I picked Hughes up, I asked him if he had showered at all and he said "no, his counselor told him that he didn't need to".  Now, in the counselor's defense, Hughes was only there Sunday - Wednesday, but still!

At pick-up on Wednesday, I had a very tired boy.  I loved camp as a child and I hope my boys do, too. Next year, we do the full week :)


Nancy said...

I'm laughing out loud at the smelly counselor! Too funny!

Stacey Iofredo said...

This made me laugh out loud. Too funny!!!!! Looks like you and the boys have had a fabulous summer!!! Miss you!