Monday, August 19, 2013

While big brother is away . . .

the little brothers (and dogs) must play.

While Hughes was off growing up, we hung at BecBec's house with Charlie and Suzie.

Banks giving Charlie some pats.

Apparently, too much time with dogs = your child starting to act like a dog.  
Of course I stopped this "water bowl sharing" soon after I grabbed my camera and took some pictures.  I mean, that was a bloggable moment.

We also ventured to the SC State Museum to see the King Tut exhibit.  I loved it.  The boys not so much.  It required lots of reading (they can't read), no touching (nearly impossible), concentration (what?), and walking (never!).  I was disappointed that I couldn't take any pictures because the exhibits were truly amazing.  Emma was interested and kept asking me questions but I soon realized my knowledge of ancient Egyptian history was embarrassing.  But don't worry, I bought a book for kids so I shall soon be an expert :)

BecBec came and met us.  I switched off cars with her and left her with the children and scooted to Greenville for a night at Ashley's before picking Hughes up early Wednesday morning.  

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