Monday, August 19, 2013

Ear Piercing and Birthday

It's been my thing with Anna Banks and Emma that I get to take them to get their ears pierced.  Anna Banks got hers done a few years ago and now it was time for Emma.  I tried to surprise her but she was on to me.

Her smile right before she started panicking.

Total fear of just the marker!  I kept reassuring her (as I was taking pictures) that it was just a marker but she couldn't back away from the ledge.

After the first one, she realized it didn't hurt that bad and that she had to do the other one, too.
She about broke some of my fingers with her death grip but then was happy afterwards that she had braved the ear-piercing chair. And, she boasted that it didn't hurt that bad.

And, that week, we surprised BecBec with an early birthday dinner at Miyabi's.

Getting ready to get our Japanese-gluttinous-eating on.

Last time we took the boys to Miyabi's, they both ended up crying because they were afraid of the fire in front of them.  In their defense, this was like 3 years ago but I still was a little nervous of what their reaction was going to be.

They loved the umbrellas in their lemonades.

Happy Birthday, BecBec!

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