Monday, August 19, 2013

Golf Outing

We took the boys to the golf range for the first time last weekend.  David found this course in DC right on the water.  It is equivalent to the Muny in Charleston.  Banks got a set of left-handed clubs for Christmas so he was ready to go.  We're going to need to get Hughes some right-handed clubs now that he enjoyed it.

David giving Banks some pointers.

Hughes was using David's clubs.

Collins was the ball boy.

After hitting two buckets of range balls, we hit the puttputt course.

It was a great golf day.  No score was kept on the puttputt course but I daresay the adult's scores were in the nose-bleed section.  There weren't any dinosaurs or volcanoes a la Myrtle Beach, but the lack of obstacles proved to be our downfall.  I guess we play our best when we're focused on our ball not getting swiped by the windmill or kicked by the t-rex.

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