Monday, February 4, 2013

Decorating 101 with BecBec

So, while Mom was up here I had a few projects that I wanted to complete.  Knowing that Mom is a whiz with the sewing machine, I set out to challenge here.  First challenge was to make slipcovers for two new dining room chairs that I bought from Ikea*.  We only had four with our table and when guests came we had to improvise pulling in chairs from here and there.  

Mom earning her keep.  She worked hard and, in return, made two beautiful slipcovers that will be the envy of our neighborhood.  

Aren't they beautiful?

 Project #2 - curtains for the boys' room.

I've been looking for fabric or pre-made curtains for the boys' room for forever.  After countless hours searching the web,  I found a blog where someone used shower curtains from West Elm and turned them into curtains.  I ordered 5 (4 windows and one extra to add extra length to the bottom) and then bought some black-out liner and poof - custom drapes that I absolutely love and was definitely the look I was going for.  I bought the rug from Urban Outfitters.

Next up, is to find bedspreads and bedskirts that I love.  I'll have to deal with the lamp later.

Project #3 - bedskirt for my bed.

I made this on Sunday after Mom left.  Now, I can hide all sorts of junk underneath my bed and no one will be the wiser.

 And, while we were sewing Collins was ruining his eyes as he watched Mickey Mouse.

*Sidenote - Ikea lets you check in kids who are potty trained.  Unfortunately, our time limit was 30 minutes so I had mom walking about mock 20 to get through the store, pay for the chairs and back to pick up the big boys in time.  Not an easy task if you  know how BecBec loves to shop.  We made it back in time and then she wanted to go do another lap through the store.  Clearly, she doesn't remember what it's like shopping with three children  :)

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