Monday, February 4, 2013

Pinewood Derby - Tiger Cub

Hughes has been participating in Tiger Cubs this year.  I'm pretty sure that the derby has been his favorite activity.  He worked really hard on his car (both car 1 and car 2).  We learned lots of tips for next year.  Like, wait for the night-before-workshop to put on your wheels so that a skilled craftsman can do it with a special tool oppose to a "stressed out mama" wielding a hot glue gun.  

Here is Car #2 - Bear Racer.  Car #1 is M.I.A. due to a certain 2-year old with sticky fingers and ridiculous hide-and-go-seek winning streak.  I'm guessing his hiding spot was the trashcan.

Some fellow Tiger Cubs - Hughes, Jackson and Ryan.

Bear Racer pulling in 3rd.

Hughes' cheering section.

Hughes was proud of his certificate until he realized that the fastest car got a ribbon.  Next year, we'll work on speed.  I'm thinking we need to call in the big guns - the Barnhill boys.  Surely, Big John can get us a ribbon next year!

Hughes' car got the Most Awesome Car certificate.   I was super proud of him doing it all by himself except for the hot glue gun work and I'm also super proud of myself for not taking over the painting and color scheme.  

Way to go, Hughes!

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