Friday, February 8, 2013

Who's With Me?

Setting:  playroom is a disaster - every toy is spread across the floor, not one in it's rightful place, couch
              cushions in disarray, a complete and utter disaster

While giving the boys a pep talk about cleaning up the playroom, I hit a brick wall.  I was talking about how every bionicle was going to go in the bionicle box, every lego in the lego box, every superhero in the superhero box, we're going to work-as-a-team, we can do this, yada yada yada.  

Then I said, "who's  with me?" with a fist pump to accentuate my team attitude.  Then, the boys dropped the bomb on me.

Banks:  Mom, sometimes when we put the toys underneath our beds, we clean up a lot faster.

Hughes:  Mom, you know no one raised their hands with you.

But, when they got out of the car they went willingly to the playroom and started cleaning up.  I can hear them talking about who is doing the Legos and who is responsible for the cars.  It actually is music to my ears.  I may even help them.

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