Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Temples Come To DC

Back in early December, the Temples came to DC.  Adam was doing some business so Rachel and her brood joined along.  It was the first time that we met sweet North and, let me tell you, he is a doll.  We met them at their hotel and got in a quick swim before heading to dinner.

This was the perfect pool for them because the pool was only three feet deep.  Deep enough to swim yet also shallow enough for them to put their feet down.

Collins and baby North.

Banks wasn't too sure at the beginning.  He's been taking lessons up here to get him ready for this summer.

The swimmers.  They had the pool all to themselves and would switch between the hot tub and the pool.  After the pool, we showered and went and met David and Adam for a delicious dinner.  It was lots of fun to have old friends visit and pick up conversation where we left off.

Come back to visit, Temple family!

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