Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's snowing!

After many false alarms, it finally snowed up here.  The boys were thrilled to wake up this morning and see the yard covered.  Schools were on a two-hour delay which meant Hughes did not go until 11 and Banks went at 10.  It was quite a relaxing morning filled with snow time and indoor time.

Collins' first time in snow.  He refused to keep his mittens on and, therefore, wasn't out there very long.

Banks and Hughes immediately started a snowball fight the minute they got outside.  I had to call them back inside to put on their jackets.

Hughes mid-throw.

Collins switched between pushing the ever-popular dump truck and riding on his sled.  You can see he has his mittens on in these pictures.

Our driveway is the perfect small sledding hill - not too steep and just long enough where they can get up enough speed to be happy.  Cam and Avery came down this morning with their sleds.

Banks trying out his Christmas sled from G-Daddy and Dawa.

The sledders.

Hughes was working on the Christmas gift that the boys picked out for David - a snowball sculptor and thrower.

The first perfect snowball.  I think it took them about 20 minutes to make one.  By this time, Collins and I were inside nice and toasty watching the big brothers out the window.

We are taking the boys skiing this weekend at Massanutten.  They have Monday and Tuesday off and Mom is coming up to join us.  The bibs, boots, gloves, hats, and everything else is all packed and ready to go.  

Pray for no broken bones, ski lessons that go terrific, and the end result of boys who love to ski!

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