Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No Limits

This morning, we headed over to Mt. P to experience the fun at No Limits.  Considering it is spring break for the public schools here, I was thinking it would be very busy.  Obviously, word has not gotten out, yet!  No Limits is an awesome indoor playground with a great corkscrew slide, ball pit, rope bridge, etc.  Lots of things for little and big ones to do (basketball game, foosball table, indoor soccer goal, etc)  The boys had a blast and ran for a constant 2.5 hours.  

Conley and Hughes in the ball pit.

Conley, Banks and Hughes crossing the rope bridge - the bottom was weaved of rope.  Banks was a little hesitant at first but with some encouragement managed to get over his uncertainty.

Banks is my daredevil child.  He came flying down this slide - thankfully on his belly, feet first.  He had the biggest grin on his face like "did you see me?"

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