Sunday, April 12, 2009

Friday Night Concert

Friday night we drove out to Freshfields and enjoyed their Free Friday Night Concert.  The kids always have a wonderful time running and dancing and that night was no exception.  We met the Steeds and Murphys and had a wonderful picnic dinner.  It was much windier that I had anticipated so we begged, borrowed and stole any type of coats we could find.   Luckily for me, Suzie had some extras in her cars.

Hughes relaxing before the fun started.

Hudson joined us for some dancing, too.  MaeMae brought Wimberly, Christian and Hudson.

Banks in one of Conley's sweaters.  I think he made a lot of new friends that night.

It's a long video but I love the part of Banks' jumping, Hughes' dancing, and then Banks sitting with the ladies :)

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