Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Day

The Easter Bunny came last night.  He left crocs, musical toothbrushes, M&Ms, and rubber snakes.  He also left a ton of eggs in our backyard. 

Hughes checking out his bag.  Later, he would refuse to hunt eggs.

Banks loving his new toothbrush.  This boy loves to brush his teeth and that's a great thing!  He goes to the dentist for the first time this summer with Hughes.

Banks decided that he was going to hunt the eggs by himself.  He put on his crocs and hit the yard.  As you can see, the Easter Bunny just threw the eggs into the yard.  I think he was really tired.
Before church.  Hughes is eating orange TicTacs - a new favorite.

And later after church and lunch,  Hughes finally decided to hunt the eggs in the backyard.  I was so happy b/c I knew I was going to end up picking them all up.  Unfortunately for me,  Hughes threw back the ones that didn't have candy inside them.

We had a wonderful Easter Day.  The church was packed.  We got there an hour before the service started b/c we knew it was going to that way.  The first good thing that happened:  Banks and Hughes went right into the nursery with no crying.  In fact, Hughes has a favorite nursery worker unbeknownst to us.  Second good thing:  Elizabeth had reserved us a pew.  Third good thing:  The service was amazing.  Lots of singing.  Lots of praising.  A beautiful message.  It was one of those services that puts everything in life into perspective and you walk out feeling like you could conquer the world!

We had lunch at the rectory with family where the boys ran and played the entire time.  One of Hughes' favorite places to go is Hudson's house.  Every time we go near the church, Hughes asks if we're going to Hudson's house.  As a tradition, we had the money hunt again.  And I'm proud to say that David and I came out the big winners!

It's been a great day filled with lots of family and fun.  But most importantly, Jesus has risen and we have everlasting life.  Hallelujah!

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